GAFA | No Farmers, No Food, No Future…..

Today, Agriculture and our food production and are at a cross-roads. The global food production must increase at least 70 percent by the year 2050 to adequately feed the projected population of 9.8 billion. Given the limited land resources, the best way to increase food production sustainably is by making agriculture resilient and moving towards its regenerative form.

The Alliance intends to work as a platform for inspiring, educating, and equipping agricultural partners to innovate effective local adaptations that sustain productivity, enhance climate resilience, and contribute to the local and global goals for sustainable development.


GAFA encourages strategies to enhance the adaptive capacity of agriculture to changing climate conditions. The alliance is a vehicle for bringing together all those constituencies to resolve differences and forge innovative solutions.


The Platform intends to work with diverse stakeholder groups including national governments, regional economic communities, research, NGOs/CBOs and private sector among others.

Agriculture in its natural form has the potential to replenish the soil, maintain biodiversity, and sustain ecological balance. With unrestricted human intervention, current agriculture has set of a chain reaction of imbalance.  Now, it’s high time that steps be taken to reverse the change and make agriculture sustainable, and food secure.


Key Benefits

The GAFA Network is a platform for regional exchange, particularly for sharing information, experiences, and expertise on Sustainable Agriculture. The promotes the adaptive capacity to climate change and enhance the resilience of major crops for food security.

Members share information, knowledge, expertise and experiences through various channels.
Members participate in collaborative activities with extended networks.
Members play a key role as catalysts for action on the ground
We do not substitute action and commitments by governments
GAFA Facilitation Unit