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08 Jun 2021

Board of Directors- Volunteer positions

Board of Directors – Volunteer Position

Global Alliance for Food and Agriculture (GAFA) is a growing non-profit organization that is working for creating networking, synergy, collaborative project development & problem solving incorporating various aspects of agricultural science at global level working through non-governmental channels. The organization initiates and supports projects and programs to encourage the building of community through sustainable agriculture and implement the vision of UNSDG.

About the Board:-

The Board of Directors is a group of volunteers who oversee our nonprofit organization. The Director on the board are volunteer positions and usually require a minimum two-year term commitment as well as availability for approximately ten hours per month to attend meetings and work on various board subcommittees.


The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and financial accountability of the organization. The Board sets strategic direction and budgets and provides oversight of the Executive Director. Additionally, Directors are expected to advocate for the organization in the global forums and to serve as ambassadors at its public events.


As part of developing a stronger volunteer led organization, GAFA is seeking individuals with an interest in sustainable agriculture, food systems, sustainable development and a variety of experiences (particularly in accounting, legal, marketing, fundraising, funds development, business, administration, technology, and board governance), to provide leadership and expertise as part of our Board of Directors.

The board provide strategic governance and champion our vision of raising awareness through education that results in communities engaged in sustainable agriculture and sustainable food systems.

Our current Board of Directors is comprised of accomplished professionals and passionate community members from around the world.

Time commitment: upto 10 hours a week

Requests for a board information package can be made to

Check webpage:

Thank you!

12 Feb 2021

Volunteer – Social Media Specialist

We rely on the help of volunteers to keep programs running smoothly and provide the best, most efficient service to learners. 

Social Media Specialists will be in charge of making content for the GAFA social media accounts.

Time commitment: 2-4 hours a week

Remote work available: Yes


  • Create brand and promotional content;
  • Contribute to a bank of inspirational quotes, scholarly articles, blog posts and pictures to post;
  • And take and archive pictures of on-going events.


  • A basic understanding of social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram);
  • And be able to work well in a group setting.
  • Creativity and being tech-savvy are assets.

Whether you are a past or present volunteer — or simply just curious about volunteering — we appreciate your time and effort.

Thank you!

12 Feb 2021

Volunteer Writers needed!

GAFA needs volunteer writers to join us from across the globe.
Writers are responsible for translating website content and documents to different languages.
Time commitment: 2 to 4 hours a week
Remote work available: Yes
  • Translate documents in English to the language that you are proficient in;
  • Create website content in different language/s;
  • And work with Social Media Specialist(s) to create social media content.


  • Strong command of written and oral English language;
  • Intermediate or higher writing and reading proficiency in a language other than English;
  • And ability to work well in a group.