Resource library is under development, it will provide a comprehensive compendium of featured Articles, Cases Studies, relevant Video presentations. It will incorporate issues like an overview of the challenges and issues for sustainable irrigation development, both related and unrelated to sustainable agriculture. It discusses the options and opportunities for each pillar, identifies potential synergies and trade-offs between the different objectives of sustainable agriculture and underscores the importance of inclusive processes engaging stakeholders across different sectors and institutional levels. f

In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the partners cannot come together as usual to exchange knowledge and ideas on policies, practices and support initiatives in the land use sectors. However, the network and its members continue to uphold the spirit of cooperation and started a series of online events, some as virtual meetings among network members and some as webinars to promote knowledge exchange with external stakeholders


The Knowledge Action Group is working on development of practice and policy briefs for the inception year of the alliance. These practice briefs are going to be just one of many product types in the pipeline. These briefs are designed to focus on technical documents on specific Sustainable Agricultural practices.


Knowledge Action Group is working on developing a compendium that provides examples of different approaches of how agricultural extension can support sustainable agriculture development, with contributions from different institutions and over 30 contributors worldwide.

A Compendium of various documents.
Details coming soon........
Details coming soon.........


Case Study review

The review consists of a collection of case studies providing the basis for further exploring the function of index-based risk management tools towards the promotion of Sustainable Agriculture, through the adoption of tailored solutions by farming communities increasingly exposed to climate change and related risks.

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