GAFA | No Farmers, No Food, No Future…..

Enormous work has been done in the past few years by the farmers, researchers, scientists, agro- industries, individual institutions, NGOs etc to transform the agriculture and allied sectors across the globe. Hence the agricultural awards are given to honor these people for their immense contribution in the field.


From ICT apps to farm automation and from weather forecasting to drones and from inputs retailing and equipment renting to online vegetable marketing, and from smart poultry and dairy ventures to smart agriculture and from protected cultivation to innovative food processing and packaging, it's proliferation of all innovations and technology driven startups set to revolutionize the food and agriculture sector.


The global leadership summit and awards. The award categories include: International Leadership Award, Life Time Achievement Award.


The conclave envisages to provide a platform for experience and knowledge sharing, synergies, connects and partnerships, collective and creative thinking to create a pro-startups environment for ensuring success and sustainability of upcoming startups and attracting youth towards entrepreneurship in food and agriculture sectors.




The GAFA Awards program envisions to encourage farmers, agricultural & food scientists, extension workers for their work at different levels in achieving global food security towards participation in Sustainable Development Goals- Vision 2030.

The organizational focus is towards development of a global agri-food recognition platform for following categories:-

  Agricultural Hall of Fame
  Global Agriculture Leadership Award
  Agricultural Innovation Awards
  Future Agri Leaders Forum
Agri Start Ups Convention