GAFA | No Farmers, No Food, No Future…..

The mission of the Future Leaders Forum (FLF) is to create a space for meaningful, open and inspiring formal and informal conversations and learning via different formats. These can be team building, workshops, simulations, training, panel discussions and networking receptions.


The objectives of the fellowship program are to:

  1. Facilitate student attendance and participation in the annual convention
  2. Broaden student vision and help build a broad array of social/cultural, economic and scientific skills required to become an effective 21st century professional in international agriculture and rural development.
  3. Facilitate career visioning and networking by providing opportunities for students to meet with influential individuals in universities, non-governmental organizations (NGO's), governmental agencies, international financial institutions and multi-national corporations active in international agriculture and rural development initiatives.


GAFA intends to provides a select number of fellowships to partially fund students' participation in the Future Leaders Forum which includes participation, a day and a half of visits to agencies, companies and organizations engaged in international agriculture and rural development.