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We understand that in order Alliance to effectively undertake its activities a light organizational structure has been agreed upon and implemented by its members.


GAFA is a voluntary coalition open to international and regional organizations, institutions, civil society, farmers’ organizations who subscribe to the vision and objectives of the Alliance. Membership in the Alliance does not create any binding obligations and each member individually determines the nature of its participation. There is no fee for participation in the Alliance.


The SSC serves as a representative body of Alliance members and the decision authority for approving an annual Program of Work and a budget for the Programs Facilitation Unit.  Among other responsibilities the SC oversees the implementation of the program of work and main activities of the Alliance, and provides guidance to the Programs Facilitation Unit. For the inception year (2019-2020) of the alliance, all GAFA members may volunteer to be members of the GAFA Steering Committee. The Strategic Steering Committee is lead by two Co-Chairs.


The Action Groups support the work of GAFA members in their efforts to contribute to the agreed vision and goals. They report regularly to the SSC and take actions as requested by the SSC. Action Groups act as the focal point to the Alliance on their respective thematic areas. Action Groups are led by facilitators appointed by the SSC and are open to members, observers, other entities and individuals.

We are currently looking for visionary individuals from across the globe to join us on our Board of Directors. Check the details here >>>>



Key Stakeholders

Various key stakeholders in our governance structure.

  Individual members
  Board of Advisors
  Governing Body
  Steering Committee
  Program Implementation Unit

Our capabilities are building over time as we expand our networks. One of the key components is our Program Facilitation Unit (FU) serves as the secretariat for the Alliance and helps Alliance members take action to deliver the Alliance’s aspirational outcomes. Annual Forum also enhance the exchange of knowledge and lessons learned in regards to issues related to agriculture & sustainable development.
Our Commitment is having members and stakeholders interested in Sustainable Agriculture and the Alliance to have an open dialogue, build consensus, set priorities and approve the overall direction, strategy and Program of Work of the Alliance!
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