GAFA | No Farmers, No Food, No Future…..

The GAFA Agribusiness & Trade facilitation platform envisions new concepts in Agribusiness, committed to harnessing collective strengths of the global alliance to tackle shared environmental, social and sustainability challenges. Members span the globe and we plan to connect growers and producers, traders, primary processors with backward, forward market linkages from both food and non-food crops.

Whilst many of us contribute to wider value chain initiatives with customers, trade association and NGO partners, to date, there has not been a platform to harness combined strengths at the sector and global level. As the food and land-use systems transformation agenda take center stage it is critical for the supply-side to scale its contribution to developing and delivering sustainable solutions.


As food insecurity worsens along with the state of the environment, agriculture is being reimagined.

It is important how addressing food production and distribution could provide 20% of the mitigation needed to meet the 1.5C target by 2050. Continuing food security rests on well-managing the transition as “Hundreds of millions of people depend on agriculture for subsistence and livelihoods, in particular in developing countries, and are at risk of being pushed further into poverty due to climate change.”

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The key stakeholders in Agribusiness & Trade Facilitation.

  Public Sector
Farmers Associations
  NGOs and civil society groups
  Private Sector
  Agricultural Marketing Networks

Building inclusive and sustainable agribusiness value chains is at the heart of our work - We deliver our self-developed, market-led solutions to identify opportunities for value acquisition, retention, addition, creation and distribution in order to maximize the agriculture sector contributions to broad-based socio-economic development.
Key challenges include: misalignment between food business goals and farmer needs, preventing combined action; fragmented public-private partnerships in major growing jurisdictions, limiting solutions at scale; lack of coherent policies and financing mechanisms to de-risk/attract widespread private sector engagement; lack of consistent metrics and unclear science to transparently track and disclose progress.
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